Aerobask e1000 liveries

Aerobask e1000 liveries

The update was announced through the X-Plane. The developer said that this is a minor update that fixes some bugs and improves performance.

aerobask e1000 liveries

This update Also, the developers updated the documentation of the aircraft. You can see more on the X-Plane. My aviation enthusiasm started back in March and since then I fly almost every day when I have time.

aerobask e1000 liveries

I always like to discover new places or new things. The vehicles or any kind of technical thing always fascinated me.

As I was younger, I was also a journalist in a school magazine, so when I got an opportunity to write articles about my favorite hobby, I straightly jumped in. Changelog SASL 3. Removed lateral menu, replaced with click zone on tail number in cockpit Updated documentation You can see more on the X-Plane.

Author: Patrik My aviation enthusiasm started back in March and since then I fly almost every day when I have time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.Oh my, a little bit overwhelming.

Nav1 tuned properly. Altitude button was off. Sometimes it has a downward approach but not at all near the threshold. What am I doing wrong? I usually manually set approach speed, tune the NAV1, once at the glideslope, hit the APPR button and manage the speed until final then disconnect and fly manually Engage, research, inform and make your posts count! Your kidding! All of the nav software and sophistication and no VNAV, that's not fair!

The vertical seems to be locked in though sometimes, because it is difficult to get nose movement when moving the stick, but when you do a pitch stick movement even a little, it seems to reestablish itself nose down.

Epic E1000

I was thinking the navigraph data might be incorrect of something. Ok, from my own experience flying this wonderful and I emphasize wonderful aircraft, is that it is extremely easy to set up. While there are official checklists and flows for the Eclipse, I fell into my own set, which still work out pretty well. I'll scale back my speed as necessary, in order to maintain a smooth vertical profile and then once I hit the last STAR point, which is the approach, I'll hit the APPR button, which will cause the aircraft to pitch down to follow the approach as long as NAV1 is tuned to the correct freq.

As it descends, I introduce flaps, lower the speed to a manageable rate, about kts, lower the gear and within feet or so, disengage autopilot and land. It would seem to me then that it may be capable of a WAAS approach i. I wonder if this is the case? Just seems to me that without the VNAV then your are really only capable of a non-precision approach for the lack of a better description.

The avionics is the Eclipse are not that old are they? Understand that Aerobask's avionics are their own creation. The real avionics of the Eclipse were not modelled or programmed into the flight model.

I'm not sure why it was done this way, perhaps due to licensing and permissions. VCALC computations are on the roadmap for improvements, but we don't have a time frame yet. I suspect that Aerobask will work on improvements, maybe implementing more robust and complex functionality, but again, timeframe is unknown at this time.The single-engined plane first took flight in and is expected to be released to buyers within a year, pending certification requirements.

The refreshed version, released in mid-February, features most notably a touchscreen G avionics suite, among numerous improvements over its predecessor.

Diamond DA-62

For those wondering, you can see the release article here, or view a shortened feature list below:. Installation, like most things in X-Plane, is a breeze. I will also touch briefly on the method of updating in this section since it seems appropriate. Aerobask have elected to use the intuitive Skunkcrafts Updater for this aircraft, which is an extremely simple tool to use.

Aerobask have provided extensive documentation with the new E G Edition, including a variety of simulator-based and real-world manuals. Also included is a normal operations checklist, which consists of 11 pages of very helpful information detailing 15 normal stages of flight. The main manual is 34 pages long and is filled with great information, which I consider mandatory reading. I commend Aerobask on this, as it saved me countless frustrated hours trying to learn the aircraft the hard way!

With beautiful leather seats and sleek fittings, the Epic E has an undeniably nice looking cockpit and is well represented here by the developer. The cockpit of the E prominently features 3 Garmin Gs, all of which are modelled in X-Plane using modified Laminar Research default avionics sets. Tapping the altitude bug will bring this screen up, from there allowing you to specify an altitude.

This works well, aside from confirming the selection. The proper method confused me at first - you must tap the entry field where the selected value goes to confirm the altitude. Disregarding this little hiccup, the Gs perform as expected, and integrates well with the E One notable difference between real-world and sim is the lack of a separate autopilot panel, which in the real aircraft is located next to the stereo bar underneath the central screen.

The information on the panel matches that of the real aircraft, but the Aerobask version really squishes the text together, making the proportions all out of whack.

I would have liked a glass covering to be placed over the LED lights on the panel also, as it would more closely mimic the real thing.

Moving onwards, buttons and knobs located on the lower section of the cockpit are very nicely done and give a tactile effect when pushed. In combination with the FMOD sounds in the aircraft see the Sounds section for morethis gives a very realistic feeling. For such a light and nimble aircraft, the yoke animation is very slow and feels sluggish.

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For example, in this livery, the cockpit is outfitted with bright yellow panels, whereas if we fly in a blue livery, the dash changes accordingly. This is just a little thing though, in fact, I like the way Aerobask have made the effect more pronounced compared to the real-life variant. The cabin is also represented well - the tan leather seats look extremely comfortable.

The developers have also included a copy of the New York Times on one of the seats, dated May 20th, - the day Charles Lindbergh arrived in Paris after becoming the first man to cross the Atlantic non-stop in an aircraft.

A very nice touch! The exterior of the Aerobask E G Edition is just as beautiful as the interior. This is very much welcomed and gives the E G edition a very sleek and nimble appearance, much like the real thing. The 11 default liveries included in the package very much add to the realism of the aircraft also.

Onto ground objects. Once again, these are modelled in very high-quality. These are all textured just as well as the aircraft itself, bearing much resemblance to the real thing due to the carefully placed wear effects. Overall, the exterior of the E G Edition is worthy of the Aerobask tag. It is well modelled, textured and finished to give a professional and sleek look, much like the real aircraft is intended to. Upon landing, I was pleasantly surprised by the beta range sounds does the job of thrust reversers but for a turbopropand the memories of plane-spotting spontaneously came flooding back.

Start-up and shut down are still two of my favourite parts of flying with this aircraft, purely because of the sounds. Ambient sounds are no less impressive on the E This is most apparent on the keypad on the centre console, featuring a variety of noises based on the size of the key pressed. The ground power unit is one of the more notable uses of the features available with FMOD sounds.This is the Epic E and the largest composite aircraft done by this developer. With the aircraft is still undergoing development and certification expected in late 4Q This is a powerful and currently the fastest single-engine turboprop yet built.

And performance is what this aircraft is all about. If you want to go up there with a Boeing maxing out behind you then "hey" be my guest Epic E by Aerobask Many users are now very familiar with Aerobask's design philosophy. And for molding those smooth sleek almost dolphin shaped designs you won't find any one who can do this better.

The Epic is one nice looking aircraft.

aerobask e1000 liveries

These aircraft are very hard to dissect, because they are not built around a frame or modules, but are formed as a one piece moldings with the smaller components making up the whole.

So they can be unnaturally smooth and very hard to make interesting. Aerobask is one developer however who can bring these aircraft to some distinction, so the design here is excellent.

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The aircraft its on a tri-cycle landing gear and they are quite tall and sits the aircraft well off the ground, the rear wheels are a trailing design and very well designed here.

Externally the aircraft is excellent and comes in High-Res textures of 4K. There is no window tab menus, but a menu panel in the center of the panel that gives you various options internally and externally. Third button along is the "FPS Boost" which helps in your framerate if you are marginal by removing the seats and other various no-essential item. I found the aircraft very framerate friendly, overly so So your computer would have to be pretty average to have to use this.

Second row of buttons covers the panel in left and right yokes removal and the excellent window and panel reflections, bottom row single button is to open or close the single rear passenger door.

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Note these G's are only an accurate representation of a real G, and not an exact replica of the instrument but they are very good never the less for that. The cockpit, panel and rear cabin lighting adjustment knobs? Left lower panel is just the climate and oxygen controls. The aircraft has a unique way of switching on the various systems The Pre-Start includes the batteriesfuel pumps and igniter and starter gen settings.

This will power up the G screens, but not the central display. For that you need to switch on the avionics master on the second row Another lower button panel is your "Ice" buttons for de-icing boots, the propeller heat, the window heat, the inertial separator, and the pitot heat.

Modern flight displays are quite complex and menu driven. There is a side panel Engine Information System EIS on the left within the display, and this can be switched off to give you more visual space to the main flight instruments that are all artificial horizon, speed and altitude tapes, bank roll scale and roll pointer and HSI horizontal situation indicator or heading pointer all in one. You have also a "setup" menu to do more finer settings under the "PFD" menu button.

Here you can set your "Audio Alert" in a women's voice that you are doing something wrong. The standard GNS feels a big large expanded for its central role and even the pop out screen is smaller than the installed one?

The knobs and buttons are slightly different as well and so if you want to save time the pop out is sometimes quicker to use. But you do have all that great GPS functionality available to you. Flying the Epic E My flight was a loop around the southern western areas of France. In leaving Bordeaux to Biarritz then skirting the Pyrenees in going inland to Pau and then looping back again to Bordeaux A nm flight to nowhere! Flightplan in and booked sorry activated and your ready to start the engine Propeller and condition levers up no propeller pitch change?

Press the button, hold and wait and soon the engine whines up and into action.The reviews on this aircraft were almost universally positive so I thought it was time to check it out. Aerobask have made a name for themselves within the X-Plane community with some high quality releases that seem to have garnered quite a bit of praise for the company and their work. Aerobask decided that they would release an aircraft for X-Plane 11 completely free and decided that the Robin DR would be the subject of this free release.

No offense to the ubiquitous About Robin DRs have been built in real life with the first flight happening back in and production continuing into the modern day. With a tricycle undercarriage, glass cockpit powered by the G, and powered by HP CDI diesel engine, the Robin is firmly in the light aircraft category and its modern avionics as simulated make it a pretty good platform to start light aircraft training on.

I decided to check this out over the last couple of days and then do some follow up flights. Taxiing the DR is really easy as the aircraft responds quickly to direction changes and the sound modeling and suspension modeling gives you at least a reasonable approximation of taxiing over sometimes uneven pavement.

Speaking of sounds, Aerobask has used the FMOD sound engine and some really great sound recordings to make the aircraft sound like a diesel powered propeller aircraft. The sounds are far better than the default aircraft in my experience. Taxiing to 34 Right, I quickly took off in just a few hundred feet, raised the takeoff flaps and away I went.

This gave me an opportunity to get a feel for the aircraft and I found that DR is relatively agile with about average aileron control but nearly instant response. For my first flight I took off and generally flew around the Seattle area as the sun was setting real world time and conditions were set in my flight parameters. Still it looks decent enough and the DR itself has great texture detail and reflections.

Coming in to land after my brief sightseeing I ended up landing at what I now know is Boeing Field located near downtown Seattle and not that far from Seattle International.

First experience was pretty good and I was hooked for more. So, for my next flight was the following morning taking off from Boeing field and setting course north. Certainly this goodwill gesture from Aerobask has helped put them on my radar for potentially picking up another one of their aircraft at some future time.

Want to get the Aerobask Robin DR? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Yes, it is completely free Aerobask have made a name for themselves within the X-Plane community with some high quality releases that seem to have garnered quite a bit of praise for the company and their work.

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Threshold Review: Aerobask E1000 G1000 Edition

Click Here for E Virtual Tour. Ready for launch. Climb out at 4, feet per minute, fully loaded, quickly and efficiently reaching altitudes you may not have flown through before. Level off at the certified ceiling of 34, feet, as you stretch and relax in the spacious cockpit. The ergonomically—designed flight deck consolidates pilot workflow and data management, returning aviation to what it should be: intuitive, engaging and fun.

Imagine the possibilities…. Fast and furious. The remarkable strength of carbon fiber technology allows for optimal speed and durability. The result: an airframe that seamlessly moves through the air, allowing the E to travel at over KTAS— faster than any single-engine turboprop on the market — and rivaling the performance and speed of most personal business jets. We invite you to review actual fleet performance data for Epic Aircraft relative to the competition.

Defining a new era. The passionate engineers at Epic are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you fly. From the drawing board to the production floor, Epic continues to refine the rules of modern aviation, combining turbine power, composite technology, advanced avionics and first-class luxury, packaged in a sleek and elegant airframe. That translates into a lower purchase price and lower cost of ownership for customers. Prepare to be impressed.

The E is sleek and statuesque, with elegant lines that draw attention on even the busiest ramps. Electronically-dimming windows offer precision control over light, glare, heat and UV rays. Once airborne, technologically-advanced sound proofing reduces engine noise and enhances cabin comfort. Unlike most of the competition, Epic uses advanced carbon fiber material throughout the construction of its E airframe, including skin, spars and flight controls.

Superior aerodynamics, better strength-to-weight ratios and wear resistance make composites the new standard in aviation performance. The innovative, ergonomically designed all-glass flight deck features the latest in advanced situational awareness and consolidated workflow, emphasizing intuitive, functional, safe and comfortable flight operations.

The sculpted, leather-detailed carbon fiber yoke facilitates one-handed flight operations and integration with e-tablets and EFB devices. Custom avionics, including synthetic vision displays, GPS and integrated auto-pilot, are all incorporated into the Epic E, with vital traffic, weather, terrain and engine monitoring systems all standard, as described below:.

Be more productive with your time. Ranging in power from shp to over 1, shp, PT6A engines are available in more than 70 models, offering unsurpassed flexibility and capability for a variety of applications. Customers are ready to fly when they need to with the digital solutions and information that keeps their engines working at their best.

We are dedicated to keeping you ahead. Introducing the Epic E Catapult-Like Acceleration Ready for launch. Jet-Class Performance Fast and furious.

Inspired Innovation Defining a new era. Unrivaled Elegance Prepare to be impressed. Avionics The innovative, ergonomically designed all-glass flight deck features the latest in advanced situational awareness and consolidated workflow, emphasizing intuitive, functional, safe and comfortable flight operations.Epic E G Edition. The fastest and quickest aircraft of its class!

Aerobask - The Epic E1000 for X-Plane 11 - Featuring the G1000

Diamond DA Our aircraft comes with the new Garmin G from Laminar Research. The aircraft is fully designed for X-Plane Eclipse NG. The Eclipse is a modern light jet. Our aircraft comes with an advanced standard avionics. All systems are in high resolution and have a deep custom logic. A major quality for X-Plane 11 compatible X-Plane Pipistrel Panthera 3. Aerobask and Lionel are proposing an exciting new project: the Epic Victory.

We equip our experimental aircraft with three independent displays Dynon Skyview. Epic Victory. Velocity V-Twin. The first accurate 'canard' aircraft for X-Plane 11 The Velocity V-Twin is a four-seat, retractable tricycle landing gear, composite construction aircraft with a twin engined pusher configuration and a canard layout. Our other products Aerobask designs quality aircraft for your X-Plane simulator. The DR from Robin Aircraft is a DR upgraded with a modern glass cockpit, larger cockpit, electric trim and flaps.

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Fokker Dr. The Fokker Dr. The Dr. I saw widespread service in the spring of It became renowned as the aircraft in which Manfred von Richthofen gained his last 19 victories.

Antares 20E. The Antares 20E is a modern high performance open class glider. Self-launching motor glider with a kW electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.

It can climb to 10 ft on one battery charge, without loss of power with altitude. Vne kts. The Lisa Airplanes AKOYA is a two-seat amphibious seaplane with a unique design and a wealth of features that will delight those who love to travel and explore.

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Manuae is an atoll in the southern group of the Cook Islands, kilometres south-east of Aitutaki. Our model is a freeware scenery for X-Plane. Viper Jet.

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